Entry: The Thought that Counts Sunday, January 09, 2011

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...

A year ago, for my boyfriend's birthday and also as a going away present, I gave him a bottle of origami stars. Each star, when unfolded, would turn out to be a strip of paper with a message written on it. The idea was that he could open one star a day every day he was gone. He was gone for about four months, which meant roughly 120 stars.

The year before that, and again for his birthday I arranged for little surprise presents to b delivered to him throughout the day. A Snickers bar came via a classmate of his. A keychain was delivered by a high school batchmate, and a letter by their band's drummer. The clincher, his birthday cake, I smuggled into their dorm. I begged the dorm owner, who was thankfully my mom's friend and my friend's mom, to hide the cake in their refrigerator and surprise him. All this meant I had to skip lunch for a week, but his smile, his surprise, his happiness was totally worth the trouble.

I remember now, the Snickers bar friend asked me then, "Why are you putting so much effort for this? He never did, for you."

He was right, probably. It must be strange for him to know that I, the girl, and not my bf would do stupid things like checking the other's schedule and showing up when his class ends. Is it so strange that I do that? Is it strange that I show up even when he never has the time after class, and I only get to talk to him for a minute after waiting for an hour? Is it strange that i sometimes skip class just to be with him for a little longer?

Yes. Now that I think of it, it is. It's strange, and self-indulgent, and irresponsible. And I guess worst of all, it's demeaning to be told that he does not treat me preciously enough.


January 10, 2011   02:43 PM PST
sweet idea btw :D
January 13, 2011   10:50 PM PST
you really did all that stuff for your boyfriend? wow! two thumbs up for you! haha. I do hope he knows how luck he is. :)
January 13, 2011   10:52 PM PST
January 15, 2011   05:57 AM PST
I think, it's really normal for girls to be really this, cheesy. For me, that is more normal than a guy doing it for his gf.

My bf is not as showy as I am. But when I see his smile and how he appreciates and how he surprises me at times, I feel all my efforts are not gone to waste. :D
January 17, 2011   07:07 PM PST
Wow, that's sweet of you. :) I don't know about your bf.. but all I know is, guys are lazy. :P
David Garmsen
March 20, 2011   01:57 PM PDT
I like the idea behind the stars. It's really thoughtful and I'm sure the reader would feel very warmed by each note that he or she reads.
Precious Grace
May 28, 2011   03:28 PM PDT
I love the concept! You're so sweet and he's so lucky to have you! ;)

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