Entry: Remember Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please believe me when I say I don't remember. I don't remember how it started. I don't remember what happened. I don't remember how it ended, if it did.

What I do remember is how miserable I felt. How I cried until I can cry no more, until I fell asleep exhausted. I remember still crying as I woke up, like a child waking from a nightmare. I remember the feeling of abandonment of waking up to an empty house that wasn't mine but was full of my hazy, incomplete memories. I remember wanting to get away, as far away as possible as though it was possible to leave it all behind. I remember getting up and leaving at 3AM because I couldn't stand the jumble of emotions any longer.

So you see, I am telling you the truth when I say i don't exactly remember what happened. I only remember how it made me feel. I remember, and I regret that I can't forget.


March 25, 2012   07:38 PM PDT
Hi Ate... after a long time, ngayon lang po ulit ako nakabisita. What happened po?
May 13, 2012   12:33 PM PDT
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July 3, 2012   07:32 PM PDT
I know the feeling!!! :| You'll move on eventually, trust me :) Stay happy!

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